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The one stop shop for all design services to build your dream home.




From the initial thought to the concept design, we are with you all along the way. We determine the overall schematic layout with basic form and function of the desired space. Once we nail this down, we develop the design in conjunction with the overarching planning rules relevant to the site and building code requirements. All critical design issues are identified and resolved, building materials are selected and a set of developed design drawings are produced for client’s clarity and probable build estimate from the builders or a quantity surveyor.



We understand that it is critical to check the feasibility of a project when committing to a comprehensive design job. Projects can be hit by unexpected issues such as planning infringement, geo-technical issues, multiple drainage and flood related issues, and more. These issues cost both time and money, hence, this package covers site investigation, basic concept design, and due diligence by an external consultant to check all possible obstacles and ensure a smooth and informed decision is taken with a sense of clarity.



We take pride in unlocking the potential of your site and yourself too. We aim to empower our clients to build positive, meaningful projects and help the housing market with new homes for all Kiwis. We are here to help you get the most out of your land and provide the most optimal solution that meets your design criteria. We maximize the potential of the site with a keen eye to make sure that the post development effects create a positive and a vibrant built environment to live, play and work in.



Developing your dream into reality comes with a minefield of planning rules. If your design infringes any of the planning rules as per the zone requirement, you would need to submit a resource consent application. This way most of the site and resources are managed and any infringement is mitigated. Our team is well versed with the planning zones and associated controls, designation and/or overlay applicable.

We try and provide a pre-assessment at an initial stage, so that we can manage your risks and have a smooth transition into the building consent stage.



Thinking of dividing your large section into two or more sections? Subdivision consents can be tricky - A lot of complex work is required which has left clients perplexed in the past. Subdivision consent is referred to horizontal civil construction with all basic services and amenities that are required. We specialise in understanding the complexity of your site, and leading your subdivision application by preparing a team of consultants for you, so you can sit back and relax while the consent process is underway.

46 HEYB R1 V  (1).jpg
46 HEYB R1 V  (1).jpg



Building consent application is a complete working drawing documentation application which serves as a guide for the builders, clients and/or council to follow through the build process. The proposal needs to be in compliance with New Zealand building codes.

Having dealt with more than 200 consent applications, we have a great understanding of the process and provide a comprehensive drawing and all co-related datasets to ensure your building consent is a smooth journey through to the build stage.



Bought a new house or renovating an old one? Lost in the world of furniture, colours and furnishings? Our specialised team makes interior design an easy and enjoyable process. We understand your image of a perfect home and guide you through the process of choosing materials, finishes and integrate design with your ideal home. We create concepts and mood boards, provide materials options, and even options for furniture and furniture suppliers. Our specialised team will be on-hand, every step of the way, helping you turn your house into a home. Know more about our Interior services by downloading the information package.

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” 


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